Issue: Sold an item with 1st Class mail, ebay charged buyer only $4.68. I had to pay $6.28 (I used Pirate). So I am out $2.00.
By: Alexdgr8
Are you experiencing this issue?

Lightning Thumbs Down
January 17, 2022
  18:37 PM
Maybe fix your shipping settings....

lstreeter Thumbs Up
January 17, 2022
  19:21 PM
This happened to me on Sat.  I had an item sell with 1st class mail should've been $12+ and Ebay let the buyer choose media mail of $4.00 that wasn't even a choice I had in my lisitng!  I was out $8.00 making my profit almost nil!

Volvo351 Verified
January 17, 2022
  19:42 PM
feeBay doesn't care if you lose money - they still get their outsized fee. Postage rates have gone up - a LOT! The days when you could mail a few oz's with tracking for under three bucks are LONG gone. Up your weight estimate to cover your costs.

angryllama Thumbs Down
January 20, 2022
  14:40 PM
My first thought is that you listed the GROSS MAILING WEIGHT ... TOO Light and then had to list the CORRECT WEIGHT once you had it all packed to ship.