Issue: New store layout is a mess. Store categories are no longer shown without clicking a drop-down menu. Main page shows only featured items + 40 listings selected by eBay. Clicking "see more" requires you to scroll through the same 40 listings again.
By: lessthanthreerecords
Are you experiencing this issue?

rstpete Thumbs Up
October 27, 2021
  08:57 AM
Yes, it will certainly hinder sales, MORE.

Oldglasslady Thumbs Up
October 27, 2021
  11:31 AM
Not only is it a mess but my sales are now non-existent.  We sell in pottery and glass.  Forced to change all my listings to satisfy their item specifics and then they deleted all the info and just stuck my listings in categories that make no sense 

kvl1 Thumbs Up
October 28, 2021
  08:03 AM
I am very upset because buyers will have to click to see my store categories. I know from experience that buyers do not click on the link to see descriptions, so they are not going to notice the link for the categories, either. Why change it?!?!

yesmikan Thumbs Up
November 01, 2021
  20:34 PM
Mobile view forces the new Stores view, even after you click on "classic site view." I can't look at ended items on mobile now.

Alexdgr8 Thumbs Up
November 04, 2021
  04:14 AM
I called ebay and complained, for what that's worth.