Issue: Unable to make shipping labels on ebay. Made a few but most are stating "Unable to make payment for label" This is a huge problem on a Monday!
By: scaryguy
Are you experiencing this issue?

Silver Ice King Verified
October 25, 2021
  21:02 PM
As I have said many times before - look at 3rd party options for your labels so you do not get stuck when Ebay has another of their daily glitches that happens to hit the shipping labels again.

Lightning Verified
October 30, 2021
  01:17 AM
Ditto on above.  Use Pirate Ship.  EBay Shipping should be your LAST choice, last resort only.  Why put up with idiots who don't know how to run a site any more than you have to?  ANYTHING you can get accomplished OFF eBay will make your life easier.