Issue: Buyers are able to complete checkout with a non-valid address. How is it that eBay tells us we can't buy a label because the address is more than 40 characters or truncated etc, yet eBay will still allow that to complete checkout?
By: AB
Are you experiencing this issue?

COVID-19 Thumbs Up
September 20, 2021
  13:32 PM
Good job, eBay!  Keep it up with the errors and glitches!

frustrated Thumbs Up
September 21, 2021
  06:10 AM

Volvo351 Thumbs Up
September 20, 2021
  11:06 AM
Yep, have had two sales recently and addresses aren't "valid" according to USPS. This opens up the risk of INR claims.

smallstuff Thumbs Up
September 30, 2021
  01:44 AM
It has happened to me on foreign buyers.  Buyer fills in his address, eBay combines city, province or similar fields into one 42 character field by adding a comma and space between each of the buyers entries.  Take out the spaces reducing the length