Issue: So now eBay is giving people who want to return an item 6 1/2 WEEKS after the label is sent to them to send the item back? When did that start? They've always kept a return open a few days past their deadline, but 6.5 weeks?
By: Castoman
Are you experiencing this issue?

COVID-19 Thumbs Up
September 14, 2021
  22:04 PM
eBay morons and fickle buyers will just blame it on COVID as if that's still a thing.

Castoman Thumbs Up
September 14, 2021
  23:13 PM
The thing is, that 95% of the small number of returns I get like this never get mailed back to so eBay finds in my favor, closes the case, and no refund issued.  But now they want to HANG ONTO those funds for almost 7 weeks -- LOL.  It really is nuts

Lightning Verified
September 15, 2021
  06:22 AM
Try calling to get it closed for lack of response.

rstpete Verified
September 15, 2021
  08:54 AM
I have one that is almost 2 months old.  Ebay will not close it and funds still on hold.

Mr. Doc Thumbs Up
September 15, 2021
  09:26 AM
I just had one closed after about a month and a half.

leavingNY Thumbs Up
September 16, 2021
  04:35 AM
Ebay lies, liars cannot be trusted

airbrake Thumbs Up
September 16, 2021
  14:52 PM
This has been going before the hurricane. Read also very carefully what the policy from Ebay when the Buyer does not return the item in the time period - they "May" close the case. Gotta hold onto that money for the interest in the big Bank account.