Issue: For several days now after successfully shipping creating labels, paying for them & printing them I cant create a SCAN form for post office. When I go to SCAN forms it doesnt show any of my past .pdf files like it used to either.
By: Saveorganics
Are you experiencing this issue?

Lightning Verified
July 23, 2021
  12:32 PM
Use EBay Shipping as a last resort backup service only.  Find another shipping method - PirateShip,, Endicia, etc. and say goodbye to shipping glitches. Run, don't walk.

Saveorganics Thumbs Up
July 23, 2021
  14:33 PM
I actually do use pirateship to ship many of my orders from other platforms but the reason that i use ebay labels is because then i was able to create a SCAN form vs. pirate ship only including 1/2 the labels created on my scan form. grrr

boarderchik Thumbs Up
July 23, 2021
  14:36 PM
I cant create scan form anymore either after purchasing labels from ebay. the post office isnt very happy with me lately because of this :( wish ebay could get this fixed or i will have to purchase labels elsewhere as lightning mentioned above.