Issue: eBay changed page displays sometime today. No longer see auction end dates, seller name, buy it now price, etc. Some images not expanding to fill new display boxes so are almost impossible to see. Overall pretty terrible change.
By: BobNJ
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COVID-19 Thumbs Up
July 21, 2021
  12:57 PM

BobNJ Verified
July 22, 2021
  02:16 AM
Now they've taken off more information so you no longer see if it's an auction or fixed price, item# and more. It just keeps getting worse.

Lightning Thumbs Down
July 23, 2021
  12:36 PM
You're experiencing what is known as a GLITCH.  They happen all the time.  If every glitch got reported here, the blog would be endless.  Most get resolved in a short time.  Just report those that persist for more than a day or two.