Issue: PirateShip International "AHOY" tracking number not updating at all in eBay system. It appears we never shipped items. PirateShip AHOY FAIL causing defects.
By: Actual Seller
Are you experiencing this issue?

Silver Ice King Thumbs Down
July 19, 2021
  22:25 PM
Would not be at all surprised if this is another "glitch" by ebay as they continue to do whatever it takes to increase revenue including "coercing" sellers to use Ebay shipping so they make the profit on that rather than a 3rd party.

Actual Seller Thumbs Up
July 20, 2021
  04:59 AM
No, it is PirateShip, they acknowledged a problem with them and Asendia who they use for International Shipping with AHOY tracking numbers. You vote down but have no label or say in this game, kick rocks.

Paul W Thumbs Down
July 22, 2021
  03:02 AM
Mine show as in transit.  Not a problem