Issue: Looks as if there's now no way to open an Unpaid Item Dispute. Since the item is ostensibly "sold" what happens if you relist and sell to a non-deadbeat, then the deadbeat decides to pay? The likely answer is "Seller Screwed!"
By: Volvo351
Are you experiencing this issue?

airbrake Thumbs Up
July 15, 2021
  20:49 PM
Yep, No more Strikes on Unpaid Buyers. Buyers now can buy on Ebay and not pay with impunity and get away with it. Because system does not see it as UPI Sellers do not get any fees of any kind back - Ebay keeps all the money and it's getting worse.

DTSM Verified
July 12, 2021
  11:42 AM
eBay changed the unpaid process about 2 months ago. The procedure now is just cancel the sale and relist. I like it as it avoids retaliatory language that creates resentment between buyers and sellers.

spooky Thumbs Up
July 12, 2021
  14:52 PM
eBay has removed the old process of asking for a non paying buyer to finally pay and give them like 4 or 5 days before you could close it. If you want to ask them to pay up, you now need to simply send them a message. I now like this change

Lightning Verified
July 12, 2021
  17:39 PM
BREAKING NEWS!!!!  Ebay makes a change that some people actually like!

COVID-19 Thumbs Up
July 12, 2021
  22:09 PM
eBay doesn't even care to punish deadbeat buyers anymore.  In the good ol' days, after three Unpaid Item Strikes, deadbeats are permanently banned from eBay.

Volvo351 Verified
July 12, 2021
  23:28 PM
OK, I just cancelled the "sale" and guess what?  feeBay said I "issued a refund!" Can you say "Dumbasses"...?

Silver Ice King Thumbs Up
July 13, 2021
  10:12 AM
This change may be what sellers think they like, but has anybody noticed that Ebay took out the Unpaid Item Strike language so now Sellers will no longer be able to auto block these deadbeats after 2 unpaid items. Once again Ebay protects deadbeats !

zenithradios Thumbs Up
July 22, 2021
  16:34 PM
Why don't they tell anyone about this. There used to be a selection for unpaid bidders. It's like the liberal cities where shoplifters are no longer prosecuted.