Issue: 1) On 7/9 ebay stopped sending me my saved searches. I went in and unsubbed then resubbed, checked communication preferences. Nothing helped. Support is "looking into it". 2) As a buyer now have to email seller from item, can't reply to messages.
By: annon123
Are you experiencing this issue?

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July 12, 2021
  08:48 AM
This is actually a blessing because otherwise eBay SPAMS 'Saved Search' subscribers with IRRELEVANT results, flooding your inbox with junks.  Cassini algorithm sucks!

annon123 Verified
July 13, 2021
  13:15 PM
After many useless exchanges via email got through on the phone & was sent to tech support. They fixed the not getting saved search emails but didn't tell me, fixed it & hung up saying nothing. Message reply issue they know about, are "working on it