Issue: When Revising item, if you change Category, all Item Specifics get wiped out and you have to re-enter. So, be cateful when creating the listing especially if you use "Sell Similar" - select correct category to avoid this PITA.
By: Volvo351
Are you experiencing this issue?

Actual Seller Thumbs Down
July 17, 2021
  17:43 PM
This is not a glitch. This is how it has always been/meant to be.

COVID-19 Thumbs Up
July 11, 2021
  06:39 AM
eBay = Stupid

Volvo351 Verified
July 11, 2021
  09:21 AM
Stupid people hire even dumber Indians! But hey, they're CHEAP, right?

Mr. Doc Thumbs Up
July 11, 2021
  13:13 PM
This has been going on for a very long time. It's pretty annoying.

Lightning Verified
July 12, 2021
  17:36 PM
Each category has unique item specifics.  EBay can't "transfer" the info to the new set of specifics, so that is why they are wiped.  After another 50 years, they still won't have a clue.  By then, they will tell us that Item Specifics don't matter.

frustrated Thumbs Up
July 15, 2021
  06:42 AM
It has ALWAYS done this. Any time you change the category you have to re-enter them.