Issue: Unable to send (reply) message to buyer who asked a specific question.

Each time, the following is displayed "You don't have permission to access "" on this server."
By: etailer
Are you experiencing this issue?

The End Verified
July 10, 2021
  13:23 PM
And alot of sellers don't take questions. that should stop...... What a mess it has all become.....

COVID-19 Thumbs Up
July 10, 2021
  17:42 PM
It just wouldn't be eBay without something broken.

Opalie Thumbs Up
July 10, 2021
  19:43 PM
Sometimes that message, sometimes the 'exceeded max # of messages" even if this attempt was your first for the day.

Volvo351 Thumbs Up
July 10, 2021
  23:07 PM
Site navigation on new Selling Overview Stinks to High Heaven. I've had "reply" fail to do anything from some pages, and work from others.

Mazdaman Thumbs Up
July 11, 2021
  00:14 AM
Yes,and I actually called eBay support, who said they'd had reports of the problem previously.  I DID figure out a way to contact the buyer, by simply going to his feedback page and clicking "Contact".  eBay would not allow me to reply to HIS text!

Bill Verified
July 11, 2021
  01:21 AM
eBay is a piece of garbage. If you still use it you are an idiot.

angryllama Thumbs Down
July 13, 2021
  14:22 PM
Do NOT give up.  Multiple times a day, just keep on TRYING to reach this "buyer".  NO HARM IN TRYING.