Issue: Can not attach image in messages.
Tried several images, multiple accounts and browsers, 100% eBay created issue.

Error: Server error, please remove and try again
By: Actual Seller
Are you experiencing this issue?

1desertrat1 Thumbs Up
June 19, 2021
  11:11 AM
having the same issue. i tried on 3 different browsers. this is obviously a glitch with ebay

Actual Seller Verified
June 19, 2021
  14:49 PM
Called eBay "known issue we are not telling anyone about".

airbrake Thumbs Up
June 19, 2021
  15:00 PM
So with this error, Ebay almost grinds to a halt across the whole site. The function for sending or uploading pictures is an absolute necessity on their site - now it's broken. Sellers are also stating they can't upload or modify auctions with pics.

Volvo351 Thumbs Down
June 20, 2021
  10:13 AM
Not calling you a liar, just not seeing this particular problem. I recently used "Contact buyer" and attached three pic's to the message. When did this go Belly Up?

Ocker Thumbs Up
June 21, 2021
  00:34 AM
Same issue and gave up in the end