Issue: eBay charged some Managed Payments sellers with store subscriptions the non-store 12.55% fee instead of lower category based fees on 6/2-6/3.

Support doesn't know how to properly calculate credits, so watch your fees and refunds!
By: ValueAddedResource
Are you experiencing this issue?

COVID-19 Thumbs Up
June 04, 2021
  21:41 PM
Must be near the 'Quarterly Report to Wall Street' time again. LOL

Incognito American Thumbs Up
June 07, 2021
  05:37 AM
Yes. Multiple transactions on 6/3 charged 12.55%. Took a chat plus a next day phone call to get the credit. Also yes, they don't know how to calculate credit. Gave me too much $$$ back. I did not complain.

leavingNY Thumbs Up
June 08, 2021
  21:07 PM
yup, stealing my money