Issue: eBay not sending shipping address in e-mail confirmations. Address is on order page, but will only stay for 90 days, I believe. I need a record of the address for sales tax purposes that I only file every 6 months. Reports are not practical for that.
By: lessthanthreerecords
Are you experiencing this issue?

Lightning Verified
April 04, 2021
  00:10 AM
Go to your Sold and Shipped page in Seller Hub. Set 90 days view. Click "download report" on the right of the page. Every piece of information for those orders is on that report, in csv format. Includes full address, and sales tax collected.

lessthanthreerecords Verified
April 04, 2021
  19:30 PM
I can't post photos here, but the way the reports load on my computer is not readable. Even eBay's support admitted it should not look that way and was basically useless in its current state, but they could not provide any help to make it readable.

Ocker Thumbs Up
April 05, 2021
  03:04 AM
I downloaded the CSV file data but the amounts are entered as a label, and not an amount.  Hence the @sum function does not work and the $ amount of the column cannot be totalled.