Issue: Quite a few people are posting that eBay managed payments payout is being declined this morning. I myself am included, & it is a higher payout than usual.
By: amazedndazed
Are you experiencing this issue?

That Guy Thumbs Up
January 12, 2021
  09:32 AM
I have two different eBay accounts on Mangled Payments. One payment went through okay, the other was 'declined'. No explanation as to why.

DTSM Thumbs Up
January 12, 2021
  09:48 AM
Mine was declined. Says waiting for

lessthanthreerecords Thumbs Up
January 12, 2021
  10:43 AM
Same here. The notation under "Recent transactions" says: "Declined Waiting for retry" but my "Total funds" have been reduced by the amount that should have been withdrawn. So, where is that money? Not withdrawn, not with bank, not with ebay!

COVID-19 Thumbs Up
January 12, 2021
  11:52 AM

angryllama Verified
January 12, 2021
  21:00 PM
Psst.  Time to get PAYPAL to do a Corporate Take Over of eBay?  That would Drive a STAKE right thru the Cold Black Heart of Mangled Payments, right?  Sooner the Better.