Issue: Won 2 items from the same seller and when I go to pay for the items there is NO option to pay. There is a button on both items to REQUEST TOTAL but when clicked, eBay gives an error saying seller doesn't offer combined shipping. So have no way to pay
By: BobNJ
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COVID-19 Thumbs Up
January 12, 2021
  00:53 AM
eBay = Suck.  System errors and glitches everywhere.  eBay hires incompetent programmers and IT types.

Vigilant Eye On eBay Thumbs Up
January 12, 2021
  01:12 AM
If a seller has not created a selling policy for combined shipping, even though a listing description indicates that shipping discounts are offered for multiple item purchases, an eBay shopping cart's request invoice button will be grayed out.