Issue: eBay is skipping Managed Payments payout for Oct 6th with no explanation. Over $3000 in available funds now but next payout is Oct 7th.
By: acc756
Are you experiencing this issue?

amazedndazed Thumbs Up
October 06, 2020
  08:08 AM
Yes. I am terribly upset with managed payments lately. Now this.

Rstpete Thumbs Up
October 06, 2020
  08:46 AM
I fear this has something to do with the payments page errors I and others were seeing yesterday.  Same here no payout no message on why. I think they are all messed up.

Mark4 Thumbs Up
October 06, 2020
  09:34 AM
Payment page is blank, no deposit into my bank account. Ebay Managed Payments is a disaster. Security Breach / hack  at ebay??

lessthanthreerecords Thumbs Up
October 06, 2020
  09:36 AM
I contacted eBay about this. First they describe the 2 business day hold time. I said this is 2 bus. days since the transactions referenced. Then they say transfer will "happen normally" but site indicates otherwise. Payments tab still glitchy.

bb6 Verified
October 06, 2020
  10:45 AM
I just received mine for 10/6/20. The site has been very glitchy this weekend but are you really complaining about 1 day late? It's not a week late.

acc756 Verified
October 06, 2020
  11:17 AM
BB6 - not complaining about the day, complaining about total lack of communication from eBay about major tech problems involving Managed Payments.  It's not the first time. It's a big deal and they are failing miserably at addressing these issues.

thriftyattireandstuff Verified
October 06, 2020
  12:54 PM
My payout was sent today but it was 6 hours later than the normal processing time. Payments page has been sketchy for now almost 24 hours.  I did get a couple sales this morning so there is that.

wasteland-mechanic Thumbs Up
October 07, 2020
  10:16 AM
I refuse to sign up for Mangled Payments. Maybe if all of you had done the same, Feebay would have scrapped it.