Issue: ebay refuses to let me use my PayPal cash back Mastercard to buy on ebay. 17 calls to C/S over three weeks was wasted time. They took the card for my monthly store fees but no more buying allowed.
By: rudestar
Are you experiencing this issue?

redcabin Thumbs Up
September 21, 2020
  00:23 AM
yes, I've tried to use mine, too, and after getting several error messages, I used another card.

Mr. Doc Thumbs Up
September 21, 2020
  08:26 AM
This happened with my bank card about 5 years ago. It stop working on one of my accounts. When the card expired it started working with the new expiration date. After a while the it stopped working again and can't use it sill. Works on other accounts

lessthanthreerecords Thumbs Up
September 21, 2020
  10:55 AM
Not sure if related, but I cannot access the page for my cashback Discover card in PayPal. I can access all other cards. So, I cannot set this card as my primary payment method or remove the card. Says to try again in a few minutes for over a month!

thriftyattireandstuff Thumbs Down
September 24, 2020
  00:32 AM
I'm gonna file this one under user error x 5.  I would never get the paypal mastercard.. it's Bancorp i imagine.. but eBay is not refusing anything. It's a mastercard. It's the issuer or the bank.  I rarely defend eBay but this one is not on them.

smallstuff Verified
September 24, 2020
  01:11 AM
Why don't you use your PayPal balance instead of the card? 

angryllama Verified
September 24, 2020
  07:09 AM
@smallstuff, No, I'm not the one who posted this, but did you MISS the POINT that this person WANTS to get the CASH BACK that comes ONLY by using the CARD vs. BALANCE? Balance means pay 100% vs. CARD getting 2% back.