Issue: Midwest delays: Literally have one eBay return that has been stuck in Plains, OH since July 27th (dropped off by customer July 24th) and an Amazon order for packaging supplies stuck in St Louis since July 27th as well. Getting ABSURD!
By: thriftyattireandstuff
Are you experiencing this issue?

rstpete Thumbs Up
August 05, 2020
  08:32 AM
Had a USPS Priority mail flat rate envelope going from Michigan to Colorado take 5 WEEKS. It sat in Grand Rapids Michigan for nearly all of that. By the time it had arrived I had been forced to issue a full refund and received bad feedback.

COVID-19 Thumbs Up
August 05, 2020
  21:25 PM
This is what happens when job-secured employees don't get a pay raise.  They throw a tantrum.

amazedndazed Thumbs Up
August 06, 2020
  07:13 AM
This is really causing huge USPS delays. I am warning my buyers about it, so they can be prepared.

Don Wagner Thumbs Up
August 06, 2020
  11:10 AM
A check mailed to me (in Iowa) from Kansas took 2 1/2 WEEKS. This usually takes 2 days (3 days tops).

Disgruntled_Seller Verified
August 06, 2020
  14:34 PM
Many USPS employees used the job as a money machine merely doing as little as they can for all theses years. Now with the new Postmaster General those workers may have to actually work without the 15 to 20% overtime pad on their checks. Soft strike!

MichaelP Thumbs Up
August 06, 2020
  14:47 PM
I'm in Illinois and I am having some of my packages go 5-12 days until receiving an initial acceptance scan after I have dropped them at the post office or in the mailbox. They sit at a local sorting center until they even put a scan on them.

tristarbuds Thumbs Up
August 17, 2020
  01:24 AM
Getting numerous complaints from customers that first class shipping is taking twice as long. Ebay continues to state incorrect "expected delivery" dates.