Issue: Report Item page entirely broken. feeBay doesn't care about scam listings!
By: Volvo351
Are you experiencing this issue?

COVID-19 Thumbs Up
July 30, 2020
  23:00 PM
Scammers still bring in money for feeBay so of course it doesn't care.

angryllama Thumbs Up
July 31, 2020
  06:33 AM
It would HELP if you gave details as to just WHICH WAYs the Report Seller page is "broken".  It has NEVER really worked RIGHT as there are TOO FEW categories AND FAR TOO FEW "reasons" to report. Just TRY to report a food/drug item as expired.

Volvo351 Verified
August 05, 2020
  13:57 PM
Llama, you have the situation properly summarized. Most clear violations of feeBay's policies aren't in the "reason" drop-down menu. They aren't taking ANY reports seriously