Issue: Unsold items used to stay there for up to 90 days. I had 4 items in unsold but they disappeared after 60 days. Is this a change and have anyone else experienced this?
By: Bandit
Are you experiencing this issue?

Mr. Doc Thumbs Up
July 29, 2020
  16:39 PM
I noticed this and thought it was just me. Also when I use the search feature in the unsold tab I can't find some items. I enter the part number of the unsold item and doesn't show up. I tried this with several items and the same results.

spooky Verified
July 30, 2020
  11:11 AM
Please note that the completed lists for sales are very different if you use the app on your phone or device. If I use the classic site on my computer I get 90 days but when I sue the app on my iPhone I get no more than  60, perhaps less

FeelingFroggy Thumbs Up
July 30, 2020
  16:43 PM
Its been like that since late last year.  Called ebay at that time cause we were going to close our store for 90 days  and they told us they only save them for 60. Also said it wasn't 61 days either.

Bandit Verified
July 30, 2020
  23:00 PM
Thank you for your information about this issue.  I had been trying to find this out with no luck. I live six months in PA and six in FL so I regularly end listings but relist then end again while I’m away. Now I know to do so before the 60 days.

CanBrit Thumbs Up
July 31, 2020
  14:29 PM
I keep wondering where some of my listings go. I know I've listed them several times then suddenly several are missing.