Issue: Item listed with calculated USPS First Class Package shipping at 6 oz. Buyer was charged $2, label cost $3.67.
By: GoldenRule
Are you experiencing this issue?

Volvo351 Thumbs Up
June 28, 2020
  07:36 AM
eBay's "shipping calculator" sucks donkey balls!  ALWAYS increase the weight to cover yourself. Devil Wingnut doesn't care if you get screwed! Postage on small items has gone way up.

angryllama Thumbs Down
June 28, 2020
  10:20 AM
I don't agree with Volvo's contention that eBay calculated shipping FREQUENTLY gets the $$ wrong, but his/her solution is the HARD WAY. Just be sure that you DO charge a $1 or so Handling charge to cover you for ship supplies and similar lost $$.