Issue: What happened with that $50 bonus Coupon eBay messaged about nearly 2 weeks ago. Is it going to show up as $50 extra on the July 1st Quarterly Store Supplies Coupon? I'm at the level where EACH quarter is $50 already.
By: angryllama
Are you experiencing this issue?

Silver Ice King Thumbs Up
June 24, 2020
  21:40 PM
I received my extra coupon shortly after it was announced. The problem is once again Ebay taking credit with an announcement that they are unable to fulfill.  Ebay knew they could not honor all of the certificates that were issued. Ebay con as always

Really? I mean really? Verified
June 25, 2020
  01:52 AM
I didn't receive an email but after hearing about the new coupon went into Manage My Store, Subscriber Discounts, and found the discount code within the NEW Ebay Shipping Supplies section.

rstpete Verified
June 25, 2020
  09:18 AM
I just checked and I have not received the coupon.

Steele Verified
June 27, 2020
  19:16 PM
If you go to your messages you should find a message from about 2 weeks ago with directions for redeeming your $50.00.  It is a codeword and is limited to the items from the message (mainly boxes and unpadded envelopes.  I just used it.  Works.

angryllama Verified
June 27, 2020
  22:02 PM
Just to reiterate. No, I do not have that eBay Message From the Company in my eBay messages INBOX.... at all. I also went to the Subscriber Discounts and the ONLY references to Coupon is the quarterly coupon. My 2nd 1/4 was used in April.

Lightning Verified
July 09, 2020
  21:07 PM
I got the $50 coupon.  I saw that it said while supplies last, so I redeemed it within minutes for padded envelopes.  Something good for a change, sorry it's not working as it should for others.