Issue: Sales not ending on specified day/time. Status shown as "processing". Reported to ebay CS and was told others having the same problem.
By: Coin Seller
Are you experiencing this issue?

ebayisscrewed Thumbs Up
December 03, 2019
  13:40 PM
Been happening for a few weeks now.  Ebay is more messed up right now than I have ever seen.

FLSailinGirl Thumbs Up
December 03, 2019
  16:47 PM
It's been months.  There's a thread in the tech issues board from October about it.  eBay says it make take up to 24 hours to process as a matter of normal operations. They are only taking reports of delays over 24 hours to the tech team.

aris Thumbs Up
December 06, 2019
  01:49 AM
It's ridiculous. Sales used to fire up in less than a half hour, sometimes even sooner. My Cyber Monday sale started 4 hours late because of this unexpected crap delay - a warning would have been nice.