Issue: Just a heads up on some problems I am experiencing with Paypal today. I have had emails about 7 payments that have been received and notification that they can be shipped. However I only have received 5 of the payments in my paypal account. I have
By: Rabbitwhite
Are you experiencing this issue?

December 02, 2019
  12:44 PM
We have had this happen too, the payment is even added to our balance but on one occasion the transaction didn't appear until the next day.  We primarily ship through eBay and was able to use their View Paypal Transaction to get to the information.

Northwest Mine Supply Verified
December 02, 2019
  12:59 PM
I've run into this a couple times, the money was added to our balance but the transaction wouldn't show up in activity, one didn't show up until the next day.  I was able to get to the transaction using eBay's link to the Paypal transaction.