Issue: Printed shipping label, wrong return address.. an address not even vaguely associated with my account. Called PayPal, they said it was an known issue, still open, than random return addresses would show up on shipping labels! O
By: lseamans
Are you experiencing this issue?

Cargo11 Thumbs Up
November 16, 2019
  22:02 PM
Yep - Been there done that.  First time they suggested I change my password - still appears; I have to use the drop down menu to select my own address.  Something has gone wrong and they just can't fix it.

CanBrit Thumbs Up
November 17, 2019
  12:02 PM too

The End Verified
November 20, 2019
  02:02 AM
You're SUPPOSED to use now. Nobody uses ebay / paypal labels anymore.