Issue: In today's emails, I received an email from Ebay stating my July 15,2019 invoice is ready for download. Now I have to watch my account to make sure they don't charge me a second time for July.
By: tristarbuds
Are you experiencing this issue?

FeelsLikeImWastingMyTimeOnTheBay Thumbs Up
October 10, 2019
  17:50 PM
That's nothing, I received June, July AND August invoices in today's Ebay messages. This is beyond ridiculous. Like you, I have to watch my account.

rstpete Thumbs Up
October 11, 2019
  18:30 PM
Today (10/11/19) I got my 9/19 invoice email. 

OnlyPollyPocket Thumbs Up
October 11, 2019
  18:33 PM
Got July and September...WTH??

frustrated Thumbs Up
October 14, 2019
  07:10 AM
I got the last 4 months