Issue: Item sold 2 hours ago. Received Paypal notice and money is there, but still showing up in active listings and not sold listings with no way to ship through eBay.
By: thriftyattireandstuff
Are you experiencing this issue?

luxe1 Thumbs Up
September 30, 2019
  17:06 PM
eBay says it's a 'known issue'

rstpete Thumbs Up
October 01, 2019
  08:56 AM
Had sales showing up on ebay hours after the sale was completed and showed in Pay Pal. 

meci Thumbs Up
October 04, 2019
  11:39 AM
Called eBay about two of them that happened to us.Didn't know about the issue until a buyer said they paid but nothing is in their purchase history.I found the payment in PayPal and called eBay about it.The rep blamed PayPal & didn't seem concerned.

AlwaysHere Thumbs Up
October 09, 2019
  20:18 PM
Had this issue and ended up refunding the sale.