Issue: Messages keep coming back to my inbox after they have been deleted. Very annoying!
By: darleneg20
Are you experiencing this issue?

thievesBay Thumbs Up
August 20, 2019
  14:54 PM
There have been problems with eBay's Message system for years. Deleted messages coming back, messages delayed for several days, messages never delivered, etc. Nothing ever gets fixed. In reality this typifies everything about eBay. A total disaster.

angryllama Verified
August 20, 2019
  16:28 PM
NOT being mean, but WHY are you DELETING messages you have received in eBay messaging? Even LOUSY messages might be important later if BOZO buyer files claim. You are not BILLED by word-Count or Number of Messages even ONE PENNY.

Volvo351 Thumbs Up
August 28, 2019
  20:48 PM
Yep, I get same "questions" on items again and again. Have to keep using "Mark as Answered." Can't even see the message in my message folder to try to delete it there. eBay just keeps throwing same "question" at me again and again.