Issue: BigCommerce is probably taking the eBay throne regarding downtime, every single day for months is now down, search is down, store is down, admin dashboard is down, it is as if eBay tech support took over BigCommerce, terrible! Shopify here I come.
By: thehosst
Are you experiencing this issue?

Whatever Thumbs Down
August 11, 2019
  07:53 AM
Wow - Shopify drone? I've been with them for 2 years now - NEVER had one single problem. Maybe it's your computer dude - Ina surprised you let someone do this. I tried Shopify - BC is much much user friendly and cs is awesome.

Austiners Verified
August 11, 2019
  08:47 AM
My Big Commerce store has not experienced these problems. Very pleased with their uptime and reliability.

Barbbie Thumbs Up
August 12, 2019
  01:05 AM
yes, every day there is at least one store down notification.  sign up for notifications, you will see how often it is down. However, not sure shopify is the answer.