Issue: eBay removed all buyer email addresses from Seller Hub.
By: Bird Mad
Are you experiencing this issue?

Lightning Thumbs Up
July 31, 2019
  21:12 PM
New Hub format today. Emails are not on orders pages, now on Order Details (click on 12 digit number). Orders over 14 days lose email address. Oddly, you can download a report, see them since 7/19. Previously not on the report at all. Very weird.

CanBrit Thumbs Up
August 01, 2019
  10:37 AM
eBay wants to make sure that the ability to contact to a previous buyer ends as quickly as possible. Many people wouldn't realize they can get that information now on the report. Pretty typical stupid logic as always.

Bird Mad Verified
August 01, 2019
  13:15 PM
Yes, email addresses are in Order Detail, Download Report or PayPal reply to sender but all are more time wasting clicking. Be careful of the Download Report as I found incomplete shipping address for international customer.

Volvo351 Thumbs Up
August 04, 2019
  05:40 AM
Wingnut and The Hoe conspired to hide buyer email. It's been taken off PayPig for quite a while. I don't use S/H but not surprised if they suppressed it there, too.