Issue: eBay hosted Images not showing in search results, only when you click direct into the listing.
By: SomeRandy
Are you experiencing this issue?

Bill Verified
July 29, 2019
  23:45 PM
It was eBay's fault and now it is fixed (at least for me). Their H1B coders did a change that messed everything up. Hopefully it will not happen again. (I can only hope).

Disgruntled_Seller Thumbs Up
July 30, 2019
  11:57 AM
For us, we have images showing in the search results. Just the wrong images ... Revise and save and it will correct itself.

sunnieyes Thumbs Up
July 31, 2019
  17:27 PM
I just checked my listing and found about 75 listings have no pictures. I hope it will correct itself. Calling Ebay is such a pain, mostly no help. Advise??