Issue: For over a week now when using "mobile friendly checker" while setting up my listings, the only thing that appears is the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery. My description does not show up. So is Mobile Friendly Checker working? Don't know.
By: VeryGoodVintage
Are you experiencing this issue?

Bad Hair Day Thumbs Up
June 25, 2019
  09:24 AM
I've been having the same issue. I reported it here a couple of weeks ago.

Rocko Thumbs Up
June 26, 2019
  10:03 AM
I get the same thing. Completely blank.

eastwestphoto Thumbs Up
June 27, 2019
  11:47 AM
I have had tons of troubles with ebay over this issue! 90% of the time the mobile friendly checker cannot find problems eBay reports in my listings. Endless bad programming glitches plague the website! Help ebay call and report!

Ina Verified
June 27, 2019
  22:41 PM
eBay said Mobile Friendly Checker is no longer necessary, see tonight's story