Issue: Auctiva site has been up and down since about 1500PST. Postings are being rejected saying templates cannot be used. Cannot edit templates. Customer service is aware and typically dismissive.
By: BohicaBay
Are you experiencing this issue?

Ina Verified
June 17, 2019
  21:12 PM
Auctiva tweeted they're back up Thanks for the report

Bill Thumbs Up
June 17, 2019
  23:34 PM
They actually lost 2 of my auctions that were supposed to post today. I had 9 items ready to list, 5 that the templates were rejected and 2 actually listed. Now I have to wade through 658 items to find them. Wondering if they were hacked?

angryllama Verified
June 18, 2019
  05:22 AM
Helpful hint?  I don't USE auctiva, but IF you are free to search using either Title WORD(s) or DATE/time uploaded you might shorten your search for the ones that are NOT there more easily. If the listings were to eBay EITHER should "work for you".