Issue: PayPal has confirmed this: "We are currently experiencing some delays in posting the balance (for payments) to the account. We have raised this to our engineering team to get this resolved immediately. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience."
By: thriftyattireandstuff
Are you experiencing this issue?

thriftyattireandstuff Verified
June 11, 2019
  19:12 PM
This happened around 4PM this afternoon. I have since had the payment added to my balance but will wait until I get another payment that posts to mark as resolved.

TrickyMick Thumbs Up
June 13, 2019
  06:11 AM
Its been 18 hours, ebay shows paid, no action in my paypal account.

Volvo351 Verified
June 13, 2019
  13:02 PM
They're "really sorry" for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, The Hoe is playing with YOUR money!