Issue: ebay keeps saying I "...need to ship 2 items" but I only have one item without a tracking ID posted. I refreshed page a couple of times and it still says 2.
By: Volvo351
Are you experiencing this issue?

Whatever Thumbs Up
May 15, 2019
  10:18 AM
Been happening to me for quite awhile - just another marvelous qlitch - probably tired to your dashboard metrics so they can take 14% in FVF from you

CanBrit Thumbs Up
May 15, 2019
  12:42 PM
Yup...happened to me too. It's just their usual inability to count.

angryllama Verified
May 15, 2019
  18:12 PM
Volvo351. Have you had ANY outbound shipment RETURNED to you as undeliverable? I had one recently. Got it back FIXED buyer error in address, REshipped on MY $2.75  Ebay kept treating FIRST shipment as OPEN even though 2nd shipment was same/same.