Issue: Just got this message on ebay:
It’s not you. It’s us.
Our server is down, but we’ll have things back to normal soon. If you still need help, visit our help pages.
By: zunifetish
Are you experiencing this issue?

sasikat9 Thumbs Down
April 01, 2019
  18:31 PM
Been happening for weeks.  Just ignore it as it goes away.

lessthanthreerecords Thumbs Up
April 02, 2019
  14:12 PM
I got that a week or two ago.  "It's not you.  It's us."  The first honest statement I've heard from eBay in many years!

Volvo351 Thumbs Down
April 02, 2019
  22:49 PM
Visited a few times this evening w/ no problems. That is, if you ignore the total LACK OF SALES!

Don Wagner Thumbs Down
April 04, 2019
  11:17 AM
I have gotten this 8-9 times