Issue: Orders I shipped over a week ago are populating back into my awaiting shipment. Labels were purchased through eBay. Tracking provided by eBay. Now no tracking & No shipping information.
By: ebayisscrewed
Are you experiencing this issue?

Volvo351 Verified
February 19, 2019
  21:40 PM
Sounds as if they had a database crash and restored back to an out-of-date backup.

mydogti Thumbs Up
February 22, 2019
  11:38 AM
I have 11 orders that have reappear this morning with "Shipping overdue Ship by XXX" next to them. They all have tracking numbers.  After checking the tracking numbers all these order were delivered yesterday, but weren't all shipped on the same day.

Laurie Thumbs Up
March 01, 2019
  15:46 PM
Same here, along with buyers opening INRs and then threatening letters from eBay regarding Guaranteed Delivery threats and potentially owing refunds to buyers because I never shipped.  Bull hockey.  You wiped out my tracking info you bozos