Issue: I am unable to leave feedback on certain transactions. Others (at random, as far as I can tell) allow feedback normally. There is no error message, just that the feedback does not go through. I spoke with eBay customer service and they offered to leave the feedback for me, which I confirmed was fine. They said they were able to leave it, but upon checking, it was not left. I followed up with them, and they said they got a confirmation that it was left, but they too see that it was not left.
By: lessthanthreerecords
Are you experiencing this issue?

lessthanthreerecords Verified
February 02, 2019
  16:55 PM
Now they're trying to blame it on my computer and/or browser even after they  (eBay) can't leave the feedback either!

Scotty Thumbs Up
February 03, 2019
  23:33 PM
Same thing here....some FB goes through, others do not even though it lets me go through the motions.  The "Leave Feedback" link is still first in the sales record even after doing this....when it works, this goes away as the link you see.  I sell vinyl as well....something with the category perhaps?

BargainzBabylon Thumbs Up
February 04, 2019
  00:57 AM
I've had trouble across several cats (clothing, computer equipment and sports equipment) - I don't think it's category related but is across categories. I've had two other fellow sellers report this. It has been ongoing since 2/1 for me. I was able finally to leave it by going through the actual listing.

wgb Thumbs Up
February 04, 2019
  04:43 AM
Had the problem a couple of days ago but now am able to leave feedback for those transactions.  Just another ebay bug and comes and goes.

sasikat9 Thumbs Down
February 04, 2019
  07:46 AM
Didn't know anyone left feedback anymore as it is as close to useless and it can get.