Issue: eBay's unreliable/broken tracking system is causing buyers to lash out at sellers.

As with every feature that eBay adds in their standard halfassed manner, the order tracking system is completely broken. Even once items have been delivered and fully traceable, most are still showing "Tracking # provided" or the "Item scanned".

Not sure why eBay would deploy yet another broken feature. As always, they have an embarrassing quality control issue.
By: LookBuyLove
Are you experiencing this issue?

Silver Ice King Thumbs Up
January 05, 2019
  20:31 PM
Why should Ebay care about whether it is right or wrong?  Nothing comes out of their pocket when the buyer gets a refund on an INR and then receives the product later or already did receive it.  Once again Ebay makes sure the buyer is taken care of at the Sellers expense.  It almost seems like again this is an intentional glitch because they feel buyers will keep coming back for free merchandise which cost Ebay nothing.

Volvo351 Thumbs Down
January 05, 2019
  22:14 PM
Tracking has been working fine for me on the admittedly few items that have sold in the past couple of weeks. Shipped one item FedEx; tracking was up-to-date. Remember eBay just passes through to the carrier's tracking system. If you didn't get tracking updates on USPS [mailed] parcels, that's the fault of the PO, not eBay. I don't stick up for them often b/c they're usually wrong, but probably not in this instance. BTW, I also made two purchases - tracking was current and correct on those, too.

angryllama Verified
January 06, 2019
  04:29 AM
The only question this raises for ME is to wonder WHY eBay makes anyone CHECKING the tracking KNOW TO TAKE THE EXTRA STEP of clicking "Show Complete Tracking".  EBay has the Complete tracking ONE CLICK AWAY so showing a SHORTENED version is wasted effort and seems INTENDED to cause conflict.

rstpete Thumbs Up
January 06, 2019
  09:09 AM
My main complaint with the whole tracking system is that it ALWAYS shows I have shipped some items late but I have NEVER shipped a single item late and all the labels are purchased through ebay.

eastwestphoto Thumbs Up
January 07, 2019
  16:14 PM
when leaving a tracking # from the Original sales notice, you place in the tracking # and carrier and its says;" Oops something went wrong" Its been that way for three months at least!