Issue: Wondering if anybody else is experiencing the new eBay “print shipping label”, which tells me postage for every item is $7.53, without asking for a weight. Luckily, there is a “go back to classic label printing” in the right hand corner.
Also was blocked from accessing my listings today when a “welcome to the new seller hub” box appeared, followed by multiple pop-ups that would not clear.
I have been selling on eBay for 19 years, & by far the hardest part of my job is dealing withthese obstacl
By: hkingal
Are you experiencing this issue?

Don Wagner Thumbs Up
November 08, 2018
  16:17 PM
I tried the new label printing format only once - got an error message 'Invalid ship-to Postal Code'. Reverted to the old format and the label printed fine. Haven't looked back - likely eBay has 'finished up' the new label-printing utility and already moved on to something else. Yet another glitch that will never be fixed?