Issue: There are a lot of people reporting that they are unable to pay with Paypal, that Paypal is forcing them to open an account or that there are captcha requests that do not work. This problem is one of the main causes of low sales on eBay, but is mainly notes in online stores. Paypal has received hundreds of reports since mid October and have done nothing to fix the issue. They also changed the way checkout form works, they change them without notice.
By: thehosst
Are you experiencing this issue?

thehosst Thumbs Up
November 07, 2018
  09:46 AM
I can confirm 100% that Paypal is forcing users to sign up for an account RANDOMLY. By using this tactic randomly, they get hundreds of new users an hour, most people who use Paypal already have a Paypal account, thus, they do not notice it, but I do not think that this is a legal tactic being used by Paypal, specially when they clearly state that no account is necessary. Really thinking about get rid of Paypal payments.

The End Verified
November 07, 2018
  22:08 PM
One of the MAIN reasons for No Sales on Ebay in My opinion is stale, WAY Over priced merchandise that's been listed for over 2 years. I'm tired of seeing it, and have no intention of paying that kind of money. Lower prices by 75% if they're serious about moving it.

Bethofvt Thumbs Down
November 08, 2018
  08:53 AM
I have no issues with my Paypal account. Works perfectly for me.

eastwestphoto Thumbs Up
November 26, 2018
  09:06 AM
it took almost two months to get my renewal on my PayPal Business debit card.