Issue: USPS tracking updates are not consistently up to date. Have had quite a few packages in the last week where the tracking is only updating at a second distribution center outside of this post office:
HARRISBURG, PA 17107-9997

By: thriftyattireandstuff
Are you experiencing this issue?

amazedndazed Thumbs Up
October 12, 2018
  09:03 AM
Agreed! In transit tells me nothing.

yesmikan Thumbs Up
October 13, 2018
  12:48 PM
USPS tracking showing me "Status Not Available" for an item that has already been delivered to a customer. Customer is also confused by the message (they contacted me about it) but at least they got the item.

lessthanthreerecords Thumbs Up
October 20, 2018
  23:29 PM
I routinely experience delays with tubes (FAR more than with boxes or other shaped containers). However, over the last month it's gotten worse, along with little tracking. It has not been uncommon for a first class (USPS) tube that is estimated to be DELIVERED in 2 or 3 business days (depending on location) to take 12 to 14 days before it is even SCANNED (outside of the acceptance scan that processes automatically since I pay for postage at the post office).