Issue: Many USPS offices accept bubble pack envelopes as standard 1st class mail as long as the envelope is less than 1/4" in thickness. My local USPS office automatically charges package rates for ALL bubble pack envelopes regardless of thickness. To make matters worse, my local post office is now charging me postage due on any bubble pack with 1st class postage attached. Trying to complain via USPS website only goes back to my local postmaster with no resolution.
By: BobNJ
Are you experiencing this issue?

lessthanthreerecords Verified
July 10, 2018
  22:43 PM
I think in addition to the thickness, they need to be flexible. So it needs to be able to bend to at least a certain angle or it's considered a parcel. I don't know if that applies to what you're sending. In my case, what I send is either rigid or made rigid with packing material for protection, plus I like the tracking which is only included with the package service. Good luck to you, in any case!

angryllama Thumbs Down
July 11, 2018
  06:00 AM
Go to USPS site. Reaad that ANY 1 of 3 specific qualities mean that a First Class item MUST go as First Class PACKAGE rate. THICKNESS is only 1 of those 3 that TRIGGER First Class Package. As lessthanthreerecords noted TOO RIGID to ROLL has to be Package Rate.  That is NOT bad news.  Ebay requires TRACKING and any First Class Package AUTOMATICALLY gets a tracking number. $2.66 is no reason to object vs. Letter rate for a 4 oz shipment WITH tracking and Proof of Delivery door to door.

Bill Thumbs Down
July 12, 2018
  00:09 AM
I myself have never seen a bubble mailer that is 1/4 of an inch or less. Mine are always over 1/4 of an inch with nothing in it.. My Post Office has a guide that they use and if the envelope does not fit into it it does not go for the letter rate period.

rfmtm Thumbs Down
July 12, 2018
  09:52 AM
It will be considered a package if 3/4" thick or more in any area, or is rigid and more than 1/4" thick.  Under a 1/4" thick is not a package, whether rigid or flexible.

Lightning Verified
July 12, 2018
  23:18 PM
If you have another post office nearby, you could try there.  I had a problem with one, couldn't get it resolved, and had to use another office.  Inconvenient for sure, but better than my other option (higher postage). @rfmtm - Your assessment seems to be correct.  BUT if less than 1/4" thick and rigid (still a letter), it is non-machinable and carries a small surcharge.  If you run an example of 3 ounces through the U.S.P.S. calculator, it's $.92 if a normal letter, $1.13 if rigid.

Volvo351 Verified
July 13, 2018
  09:25 AM
If it fits through their little thickness gauge, you're supposed to get the 1st class rate unless it's deemed 'non-machinable.' Seems as if you're using P/B envelopes when not neede.