Issue: After re-listing items that I have re-listed many times before, I am receiving an error
"Get eBay Top Rated Plus for 189 listings." in the selling reminder box on My Ebay Page.
These listings have always been top rated plus and when I click the submit changes button the error message is still displayed on my eBay selling reminder box on my eBay page.
By: pro-spin
Are you experiencing this issue?

FidoMaster Thumbs Up
June 02, 2018
  16:15 PM
Are you offering free 30 day returns? As of June 1 that's now a requirement for the TRP (formerly TRS+) badge & FVF discount for new listings (old listings carry the badge, presumably until relist if not sold).

angryllama Verified
June 02, 2018
  22:10 PM
Not actually the point, but lets not forget that FREE RETURNS of any flavor are pure D Evil. Trying to hold onto TRS+ over a freakin' 1 percent discount in FVF vs Double Whammy of Increased RETURNS and PAYING for the "privilege" of YOUR paying for some STRANGER's mistaken purchase. MOST eBay corporate recommendations are intending to be Hazardous to YOUR Wealth. If they say DO something, my immediate response? DO NOT DO IT. I don't have to stick my tongue in light socket to KNOW not to do it.