Issue: Ended and then relisted a multi item variation listing that I had active for years and sales dried up recently for some ODD reason. I had sold over 400 of these, it was a consistent seller but no sales for 4 months. SO I relist and then getting questions from buyers for pictures. HERE, the listing that had 28 variations, LOST ALL THE PICTURES! Just had the one main picture and lost 28x4 pictures.. RIDICULOUS, does ebay realize how much rework this is for sellers that have better things todo!
By: Frank F
Are you experiencing this issue?

bgcorp Thumbs Up
March 12, 2018
  10:50 AM
This might be related to this error in the multi variation listing: If you edit any variations on a multi variation listing that *has not yet sold an item* it automatically reverts to "use default photos" and deletes all individual variation photos. This bug has been happening for about a year in mutli variation listings. Once you sell an item from the listing, it "locks" onto the correct status and won't lose the individual variation photos anymore when editing variations.

Frank F Thumbs Up
March 12, 2018
  18:54 PM
In my case, I had 400 sales and every variation had at least one sale. ALL the pictures were gone with I relisted... SAD as it took me hours to find the pictures and upload them all. Thankfully I still had them... What really makes me mad is why did I have to relist in the first place, NO WAY my item should have gone invisible.... EBAY SUCKS!