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Issue: I received a message from a potential eBay buyer saying that when they try to purchase my item, it says that I do not accept PayPal. PayPal is the only method of payment I accept on eBay, and when I double-checked the listing in question, it is set up to accept PayPal. I also logged in to my PayPal account, and all looks normal there. Of course, this raises concerns about other people who may be trying to buy my items and don't notify me about it.
By: lessthanthreerecords
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angryllama Verified
December 06, 2017
  08:35 AM
Ouch. Here is another time/another WAY that one could be getting SHAFTED by eBay incompetence and NEVER EVEN A HINT that it's happening. I agree that 99 out of 100 buyers who saw THAT MESSAGE from ebay would just MOVE ON , find another listing, clicked BUY not get that mssg and NEVER look back. I'm in another Twilight Zone as a seller. I have 3 to 5 quick sales then CRICKETS for 20+ hours. NOT my prices as Recently almost 20 percent of my FEW sales have been EXPORT! vs usual 3 percent.

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