Issue: This weekend I did not receive "item sold" e-mails from eBay. I did receive "payment received" e-mails from Paypal, so I knew when items were selling, but eBay did not send out their e-mails until about 48-hours after the sale.
By: JQ
Are you experiencing this issue?

Deacon Blues Thumbs Up
November 27, 2017
  11:19 AM
I also had this issue. It started on Friday and is still happening as of Monday AM.

amazedndazed Thumbs Up
November 27, 2017
  16:46 PM
Not receiving eBay notices from the AP. Signal goes off that one is coming, but nothing received. Very much delayed emails received for some of them.

Scotty Thumbs Up
November 27, 2017
  17:16 PM
Same here...and today, "Cyber Monday"...not one sale...

Tobler Creek Thumbs Up
November 27, 2017
  21:18 PM
Same thing with me. Receiving PayPal notices, but nothing from eBay.

tristarbuds Thumbs Up
November 28, 2017
  10:11 AM
Receiving PayPal email notices that an item is paid for but the eBay emails that an item sold are complete by in 2 days later. Totally unacceptable. I have multiple quantities of some items so I have to be careful and not pack up a duplicate sale.

angryllama Thumbs Up
November 28, 2017
  21:00 PM
Different for me. EACH of the past 4 or so days I've received ONE and ONLY ONE delayed notice of payment/sale for AN ITEM that sold shipped 2 days before. One of the UPSIDES of slow SALES is that there were FEW ENOUGH that I instantly recognized it was a FBB.... F'in Boo Boo. .. Far too many of those this past year.