Issue: Winning bidder is in excluded country (Italy). Checked settings, Italy is indeed excluded and buyer requirements properly set; opted out of Global Shipping Program. Checked listing, continents are excluded, but not all countries are - individual European countries on my list, eg Italy, Spain are NOT excluded! Why not? They were in the past.
By: GoldenRule
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Vigilant Eye On eBay Thumbs Up
November 20, 2017
  02:07 AM
A long-standing issue, sellers want to make sure that any blocked countries are also added to their payment restrictions list within PayPal risk management. Though a bit harsh toward foreign buyers, it is eBay who has dropped the ball on the problem of sales coming from those residing in high risk countries (i.e., those lacking adequate online tracking and/or having unusually high shipment damage claims and/or loss ratios) It is sellers, not eBay who should decide how much risk to undertake.